Core3D CoreXY printer

The CoreXY printer I designed and implemented is my center piece of printer. I use it for most my printing needs and continually keep adding features.

The wish list for this printer started out as follows:

  • Sturdy design that should be transportable without fear of breakage.
  • Aesthetically pleasing (no loose wires all over the place and proper finishing).
  • Ramps 1.4 with a larger display, with possibility of upgrading in the future .
  • Enclosed chamber with possibility of heating chamber (lot of issues with warping using ABS on Prusa I3).
  • Larger bed. For starters 300×200 with room to grow.
  • Heated bed (of course).
  • Dual extruder (something I came back from).
  • Use of linear rails where possible instead of rods.
  • Easy accessible electronics.
  • Easy to swap out extruder (with possibility of possible replacement with Laser or spindle)
  • Internal lighting.
  • Independent heat control for chamber heater with.
  • Auto Bed leveling using an inducer.
  • Cost effective. In order to keep cost down most items were purchased directly from China.
  • Must be able to at least print at 75 micron

As I started designing this printer I came across the principle of Core XY motion which I was fascinated by. This printer has been implemented using CoreXY.

New features will keep coming but here are the current specs:

Dimensions: 610mmx610mmx820mm

Build plate: 330×220

Build volume: 200x300x305 (x/y/z)

Additional build plates for easy print removal and bed covering (one plate for ABS, one for other materials)

Heated Bed (Silicon 110v)

Extruder: (Genuine) E3D Titan extruder (direct extruder)

Nozzle: 0.4mm

Controller: Ramps 1.4

Motion: CoreXY (2x 2Amp steppers)

Guides: Linear Rail (THK 12mm)

Auto Bed leveling

Heated Chamber with separate power (110v) and thermostat

Frame built- in LED lighting

Filamament cooling fan

Automatic Nozzle cleaner using Marlin’s experimental nozzle g-code

As time permits I will try to cover many of these features in dedicated posts.


test print at 100 micron (0.1mm) using 3dbenchy.stl
Laser cut acrylic front panel with on/off switch and USB access.
well finished front panel with RAMP controller and temperature (For chamber heating) controls
easily accessible electronic by means of drawer rails that allow the front panel to be pulled out
2A stepper motors from Core XY motion
Linear rails used for stable Z-Axis motion
Front panel from left
might as well add front panel from rigth
Full printer, with its little sister the Prusa I3 next to it

Much more to come