The Laminated 3D printer

When I wanted to build my own first printer, I of course went with the Prusa I3 design. I joined a Makerspace so I could print the components to make it.

Turns out, Makerspace 3D printers are fickle and down an awful lot. So instead of printing a 3D printer I decided to Laser cut my first printer. In effect I’m using the laminate printer method to create an FDM printer.


Based on Prusa I3 design

Dimensions: 510mmx450mmx370mm (x/y/z)

Build plate: 220×220

Build volume: 175x175x135 (x/y/z)

Boro Glass

Heated Bed MK2b

Extruder: MK7

Nozzle: 0.4mm

Controller: Ramps 1.4

Motion: Catesian

This printer has no fancy features but does it’s job very well. What makes it unique is the fact that it has no 3D printer parts. All non-mechanic parts are made up of layers of 1/8″ Acrylic.

You can find the full build instructions on 

You can download the entire model at